Digital revolution offers huge opportunities and imposes to deeply revisit sales organizations.
Customers and prospects are addressed through multiples channels or devices and sales efficiency requires to combine various medias but to offer one unique customer experience. Sales remain a human practice and physical sales network is and will remain mandatory to transform customer experience in effective results.
IZZILI vision is to improve sales network efficiency by offering best usage of leading hedge technologies.
IZZILI permanently investigates upcoming technical solutions and integrates the best of them in its solution platform dedicated to sales network animation in order to leverage your sales performances thanks to Mobile, Omnichannel, Big Data, Geoloc, Geofencing, … technologies.
Where classical CRM transforms your sales networks in data collection and reporting machineries IZZILI believes that Sales people have to focus on customers and systems have to lead them and to bring them without effort the data they need in front of the customers. 


IZZILI was founded and is managed by former sales and marketing executives with significant and successful experiences in sales network management.
All IZZILI employees have experiences in network animation and are permanently conducting researches on innovative digital solutions.
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